Meet the face
behind the posts

hi! i’m taylor! i’m an extremely passionate, Black, feminine lesbian who loves all things mental health, politics, dogs, and equal human rights. i’m a huge advocate for Black queer representation within the community, as well as breaking the stigmas around mental health.


i’m never silent, and i’ll never back down from shining a light on what's right in life or the challenge of researching and sharing important information with others. if i only get to help just one person in life, i'm truly content. 


this year, i finally started sharing my personal story on Instagram as a way of helping others and building a community full of intersectional love, understanding, representation, and the idea of always fighting for what you believe in. when that proved to be so fulfilling, i decided to expand and write more. so here we are! welcome to my blog where i'll hopefully expand more or.. ramble.