a warning would’ve been nice

recently, i watched something about the importance of noticing + being aware of warning signs + red flags in environments, relationships, etc. such obvious warnings.

i then thought about how i see warnings for everything, everywhere. all the time.

⌇ “poor” diet + obesity scare tactics

⌇ cigarettes + microwaves + cancer

⌇ ....everything + cancer

⌇ alcohol/drugs + addiction

there was always an ad/infomercial about some extreme health risk + what to do about it. always a medicine or treatment for these things, and the risks that came with it.

but, there was never a warning about mental health, about PMDD, about surviving. i’ve never seen a PMDD infomerical that breaks down everything i should expect to deal with a week before my period, the scary, dark mood swings i go through. the emotional hangovers i suffer from once my period begins and i look back and see the many little fires i set behind me when i wasn’t myself.

↠ no one ever prepared me for the things my own mind could do to me + the dark corners my mind could go to. no one ever warned me about the things to notice and how to combat that. why is that?

↠ why don’t we view mental health and the copious things that fall under mental health + illness as something worth learning or being informed about? why don’t i see more mental health/treatment ads on tvs, billboards, on the radio? on the side of food boxes, bottles, etc.

↠ why do majority of my mental health discussions live in my text messages/phone calls with my close friends and not more in the world?!

↠ since we aren’t in a world where we see those warnings or information more/yet, i just have to share my own story:

⌇ my own dark moments, my moments of light, my moments of survival, the purposeful breaths i take to make it through another day.

⌇ i hope the story of a girl who has lost her way + been alone many times in life helps you in any way. i still struggle. i have found myself, but there’s so much more i have to do in this life of mine.

☼ i feel more alive + safe than i ever have in life, and that’s because i talk about it. i have to. i want to. i love to do it. i hope you do too. ♥️ #breakthestigma

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