i'm taylor

hi! i'm not sure when it became my thing in life to start all my written sentences off with "hi" or "hello". for some reason, i've just always done that- even in my journal entries... even though those are never addressed to anyone, ever.

either way, i'm taylor (taylorxpatrick on all my social media platforms)

my story is plain and simple: i'm Black and gay and that has come with a lot of weight over my years- good and bad.

i have an amazing girlfriend. we've been together for almost five years. that's so crazy to me and i love it.

we have two dogs! i'm obsessed with giving my dogs a really good life. lol

i'm obsessed with cinnamon flavored candy. i am an old woman.

i love true crime tv shows and podcasts, even though sometimes they put me on edge.

i battle PMDD something SERIOUS. but, every month i fight and every month i win.

i'm a writer. i didn't used to like saying that, as it felt very ambiguous and i feared it wouldn't be taken seriously. i spent a lot of my life studying the english language and everything surrounding that and writing. it's really my thing. i'm by no means a professional of any sort, but i definitely know a lot about a lot. lol

i'm an open book- to an extent! i like that about me.

i have a very comforting way of talking to people and i love listening to others.

you're probably here because of my shop, and that's so fucking exciting. i am now a "shop owner" that's also crazy for me to say.

metal stamping has been something i've been into since 2012. it originally started as something that i did to help with my grieving process. i let that little hobby die down when i started seeing other people begin it and dominate it. i let that intimidate me. mostly because they weren't Black and i just knew they'd be quickly accepted in the business world.

i picked it up again in 2015 when i began my career as a flight attendant until my busy schedule got the best of me and i had to set my hammer down! instead, i picked my pen back up and wrote as usual and continued my passion with illustrating and lettering/caligraphy.

but life is really weird. and the universe is really cool.

then COVID-19 hit. i didn't really fret about it. i had unknowingly planned for such severe situations before COVID truly hit.

luckily, i wasn't furloughed from being a flight attendant with the best company, but i did take a voluntary unpaid leave to help the company's operation so that they could further avoid furloughs and protect my health and my family.

sometime between march and now and quarantine becoming a now natural part of my life, i picked my hammer back up. i started playing around with pieces as i had done many times in life, not thinking twice that the world should see it.

then, one day, i told my best friend. she loved it. i told my other best friend... he also loved it.

i then shared it with a few close friends and they hyped me up just as much and put the idea in my head to sell my pieces and show people, no matter how nervous it made me. so, i did that.

then, i started getting personal pre order texts and requests. it was so exciting! honestly, it still is.

fast forward to today- here we are. i'm a shop owner now!!? i think?? i love the caffeine filled days. i love seeing the orders pour in. i used to have a bad habit of biting off more than i can chew in life with things that needed to be done, but this is different. this is something that comes so easily to me because i'm so passionate about it.

i could have a day with only 2 orders or 20 or 200 and i'd be just fine taking it on!

it means the world to me that you're here, wanting to shop Black and small and support.

i hope you keep coming back!

with so much love,


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